Design support

Design support

Noise remediation plans

Acoustic remediation is a multidisciplinary subject that implies on the one hand management policies to be implemented through administrative and planning measures by municipalities or infrastructure managers, and on the other hand planning of...

Energy Efficiency

early zero-energy buildings', as defined by Directive 2010/31/EU, are another topic of interest, as well as activity, for Iride.

Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a combination of procedures, methods and tools to assess the potential and sometimes unintended effects of a project on the health of a population.

Environmental Inclusion Studies

The environmental integration of projects is an aspect that, thanks to the evolution of the perception and awareness of the players involved (from regulatory requirements to citizens' requests), can no longer be neglected when dealing with a...

Model studies

The prediction, through the use of mathematical simulation models, of the phenomena of atmospheric and noise pollution caused by different types of anthropic sources is a well-established support tool for environmental assessment.

Procedures under DPR 120/2017 on excavated earth and rocks

The management of earth and rocks from excavation constitutes an issue towards which IRIDE has paid particular attention since the preparation of the former DM161/2012.

Construction site environmental projects

The construction site of infrastructure projects is one of IRIDE's areas of activity from the dual perspective of environmental design and analysis.

Environmental characterisation studies and guidance to environmental project choices

The regulatory changes that have taken place in recent years and, in particular, those that have concerned the revision of the contents of the EIA procedure and the EIS (Legislative Decree 104/2017 and "Technical standards for the preparation of...

Participatory planning

Defined as "the process of public information, participation and debate on the appropriateness, on the design solutions of works", the public debate is a topic that, although not yet operational according to the terms of the law, is now at the...